It is NOT an adjective. It's an exclamation of disgust.
Gads! That tastes horrible.
by motownpunk March 8, 2004
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adjective: something that is disgusting or repulsive.
can be used on its own or as part of a sentence.
used in scotland, more specfically south west
did you see that guy being sick over there?
by crumlish February 25, 2008
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West Coast of Scotland word for "Duff". i.e. Really bad.

Confused by the fact that "duff" can be used to mean something really good, in a sense of "irony".
"Thats well gads man"
"That birds gads, but the other is well duff"
by Shizer August 25, 2003
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see Bhqwhgads. That's the longer and better one. this is short for Bhqwhgads.
by Stupy John January 9, 2005
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Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

A psychiatric disorder with symptoms including constant worry, difficulty with concentration, and restlessness. GAD is twice as common in women than men. GAD can severely impair a person's ability to handle many things in their life including school, work, and relationships.
Heidi was recently diagnosed with GAD.
by nilethe146 November 7, 2020
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