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sabaku no gaara (or gaara of the desert), born the youngest child of the kazekage and brother to temari and kankuro. a demon (shukaku) was sealed inside him at a VERY early age and made his life miserable henceforth, he went on to unconciously kill his mother, and the sand village basically wanted him dead, although they never succeeded at killing the child. not unlike a timebomb, gaara became a vile shinobi and felt an inate need to kill others... that is until he learned from naruto that there are other ways of dealing with pain and the overall antics of being a shinobi.

his abilities are ridiculously powerful and resourceful, for example the handseal that creates the avalanche of sand, capable of burying opponents alive and then creating a shockwave (sabaku taiso) to obliterate them.
it would be really stupid to underestimate gaara.
by oriya June 13, 2005
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Character on the japanese anime Naruto. Known for moving sand in any shape as needed(including crushing the life from his opponents), as well as being severly emotionally disturbed.
First appears in episode 20 of Naruto, but better examples of his fighting prowess can be found in episodes 48-50.
by Pablo del Fuego January 15, 2005
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Gaara is the most cutest anime boy in the anime Naruto. He had a sad history, his father sealed the one tailed beast inside of him before birth. This causing his mother to die when he was born. His father blamed Gaara for her death and the whole village became afraid of him. Gaara then grew up alone not even his brother or sister wanted to go near him. One of the senseis he had who loved him then tried to assainated Gaara. gaara then learned to care and love only himself. His mothers love was put into the sand which is in the gourd on his back and that sand will go to his protection at any time Gaara then began to continue to live his life alone in sadness and hatred until he met Naruto and became happy then starting a new life.
P.s. the thing around Galata's eyes is a birthmark not mascara just like Naruto doesn't have whiskers it's a birth mark.
by Mizuki Herazaki August 02, 2018
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one of the best naruto characters he kinda ugly as an adult but cute as a baby
by Alphatrip May 31, 2021
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The most badass character from Naruto.

Hes pretty hardcore because he controls sand and has a wicked tattoo on his head. Gaara likes to walk in the beach, destroying kids sand castles, just to build a giant mansion of sand to brag about it.
A day with Gaara:

Kid: Hey! Look at my sand castle!

*Gaara kicks it*

Kid: Hey man wtf!

Gaara: I love to kill things.

Kid: Emo bitch! No one loves you! Kill yourself! I hate you! I HATE YOU!!!

Gaara: What... did... YOU SAY??????????

*gaara goes gaga*



*gaara kills the kid by snapping every bone of him with his sand. Them he makes the body explode, leading to a bloody mess: gibs all over. Them he picks the kids heart, and smashes it with his hand, with blood and blue veins coming from all sides The carnage is unbelievable*

Gaara: I feel better :)

And thats a day in Gaara's life.
by Chullage February 03, 2009
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One of the HOTTEST characters on Naruto. He is also very strong.
by sakura1336 August 17, 2006
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