Evil Decepticon leader from the 1980's Transformers television series. Known for using ridiculous, dim-witted schemes in his attempts to "plunder the Earth of it's resources" and to foil the Autobots. Many fans hate him, wishing he were more bad-ass. I say to them "Who cares!?" I mean, honestly, let's face it - it's a kid's show! He's not ment to satisfy the loins of 30 year old super geeks who take the show too seriously. If you loved the show as a kid, and are willing to watch it with a grain of salt, it's a lot easier to appriciate his contribution to the show. You just have to suspend your disbelief, or laugh hysterically at the plot flaws and animation errors!
G1 Megatron, who murdered half the Autobot cast in the movie, seemed pleased to kill Ironhide despite the fact he was defenseless. As Ironhide bravely grabbed Megatron by the leg to avenge his fallen comrades, Megatron sneered and said "Such heroic nonsense!" as he shot him to death.
by Jack January 4, 2004
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A person who is obsessed with Transformers G1, disliking all other series of Transformers in favor for the original series. Also known as a GEE-WUNNER.
Person #1: Wow! Transformers ROTF is awesome!
Person #2: No way! If it isn't G1, it sucks!
Person #1: God your a G1 junkie!
by Tkemert20 February 14, 2010
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Allegiance: Decepticon

Sub-groups: Corny 80s Villains Anonymous

Function: Wimp

"Decepticons, RETREAT!"

The most feared Decepticon to ever exist... if you're half-drunk and have the physical strength of a housefly. Megatron has a fusion cannon and the ability to completely miss any target who has a toy still in production, and a penchant for inane plans that three-year olds could counter-- interestingly, it always take the Autobots 25 minutes to counter them. Hmmmmm...
A small bunny rabbit ran out in front of Megatron. "We're under attack! DECEPTICONS RETREAT!"

by LM November 3, 2003
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Starscream from the original Transformers cartoon, many fans call it G1 Transformers, was a Decepticon, one of the two fractions among the Cybertronian race, and Starscream seems to be the second in command. The only Decepticon that has more control over the Decepticons than Starscream is Megatron. Starscream is quite intelligent and very resourceful with the things he is provided, one of the best examples of that is when he made the Combaticons out of old war machines in season two episode 46 titled, "Starscream's Brigade". Starscream is also incredibly good in battle but always fails. Starscream is a "seeker" a term used by fans that described a Transformer that transformed into a jet. Starscream turns into a F-15 Eagle and so does some other recolors of him like Thundercracker, Skywarp, Nova Storm, Acid Storm, Rain Storm and many more. Starscream used to be a scientist back in the Golden Age of Cybertron and he worked with his close friend, Jetfire. Starscream is known for his treacherous tendencies but his plans always backfire in his face because of plot induced stupidity. Usually Starscream's plans are actually quite well planned however something always has to screw it up. Despite Starscream's many failures, Megatron chooses to keep him around. Although Megatron chooses to keep Starscream around, Megatron often decides to toss Starscream around when Starscream fails once more. However, other Decepticons have failed just as much as Starscream.
Person 2: "Relax, Starscream's plans always mess up despite everything he tries, this is especially true for the G1 Starscream."
by A Starscream Fan November 24, 2021
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The world`s first mobile device with the open source operating system, Android. The best cellphone to date. What an iPhone should be.
I just downloaded five free applications while listening to DRM free music on my T-Mobile G1.
by cl2eep October 27, 2008
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Someone who has yet to attain a G1.
No G1 defines someone who has yet to attain a G1.

Guy 1: Hey, does Alexx have a G1 yet
Guy 2: No

Guy 1: That is not a Larry Moment
by BassBeet5422588 May 19, 2022
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When someone parks half in and half out of the parking spot.
Shit what the fuck bro. Gawd thats a real g1 parker there.
by HowBahNah October 9, 2018
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