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Rebuffing a woman's advances by discussing details of your life that include your girlfriend (or significant other), in order to tactlessly let her know that you are in a committed relationship.

Each specific mention of the girlfriend (or significant other) is known as "dropping the g-bomb"
Cameron - Man those those hot bitches were all over us last night. The triplets kept begging me to take them home.

Gary - No kidding holmes; you were dropping the g-bomb like every 10 seconds. Yo you need to lose that dog-ass ball and chain and all her baggage; get in the game son.

Cameron - My daughter has Down syndrome Gary, and Sarah is an excellent provider. If you talk about either of them that way again, I'll rip your throat out.
by malarky2020 October 05, 2009
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Letting a college student in the Washington, D.C. metro area know that you are a student at Georgetown University; therefore establishing your supreme authority and preeminence over the immediate surroundings. Dropping the G-bomb can be accomplished in many ways: Personal introductions, "accidental" dropping of the Georgetown ID, or paying a tab with a "jack the bulldog" visa card.
Tele dropped the G-bomb at the GW/American/Maryland/Catholic party and the chicks were all over him!

Tele entered an argument with a GW/American/Maryland/Catholic student but was quickly proven right by dropping the G-bomb.
by Michael Morris September 22, 2005
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A homemade bong made out of a 1 or 2 liter bottle with a wrench socket attached to the cap that acts as the bowl. This device is similar to a waterfall or gravity bong and is thought to have been invented in Downriver Michigan.
"Hey man! Wanna go rip some gbombs and drive around ?"
"Bro I had too many gbombs earlier I'm freaking out..."
by TuffGuySmartGuy August 16, 2018
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The white pussy discharge you get from Gonorrhea but not Ghonerea
The poor dude got G-bombed by fucking a cheap streetwalker. Dint yo'mama tell ya wearing a shealth, Y'dickhead ?
by Ding October 02, 2003
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stands for gorilla bomb. it is when you are surfing shore break and lose control of the board and eat shit. then you flail around getting pushed by the wave like a gorilla.
Yo, did you just see that kid g-bomb?

That kid must have ate so much shit when he g-bombed.
by Alan Tang October 08, 2007
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The white pussy discharge you get from Ghonerea
He had sex with a cheap whore now he's G-Bombing
by Codis May 07, 2003
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