Thomas called the bird by saying, "fwak fwak fwak"
by fwakdaddy June 24, 2012
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a cool freak, freak with a positive connotation
The United Fwaks of America, a Miami-based fwak organization
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a versitile slang term which can be used as an exclamation. Or to adress someone. Corruption of the word Fuck.
Synonsyms include: Dude, Man, Mate.
Oh Fwak, what a rip off, there's no cream filling.
by Kolin January 21, 2004
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A word that originated in Perth, Western Australia in 1996, by a revolutionary wordsmith known only as "Troy the Great". It has dual meanings.

1.) An increasingly popular noun, used in place of the profanity "fuck", in situations where profanities are inappropriate.
2.) Can also used to describe something that is ridiculous or extremely good (can lead to many misunderstandings!).
1.) Fwak, I'm so pissed, man!

2.) That movie was so fwak, man!
by Gerome The Almighty July 13, 2004
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Fwak is an Anti cuss word which is the SAME meaning as the original F-Word such as Fuck
If you want to say bad words but your parents ask you to not do it Just say "Fwak" instead!
There is more of them like Fwaking, Fwaker and Frak! (Frak means Frick)
How to pronounce!
Fwak: F wa c (K SOUND)
Fwaking: F wa cing (KING SOUND)
Fwaker: F wa cer (KER SOUND)
Frak: F ra c (K SOUND)
I just made the word "Fwak' in YouTube and then I made more here.
by Octopusy Word Creater! November 12, 2022
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