Someone who senses what's coming next. Someone who can project into the future a viable, sensible reality, and who is enthusiastic about the possibilities.
My son, Benny, is becoming a futurist, and that makes me happy. His overview is wise and practical, and he's in love with what can be.
by Loveday November 26, 2004
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Something that belongs in the future.
That rake is futuristic!
by Clethe Carson September 23, 2003
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well what i think it is a person who thinks of what could be and how it is built and what is the reaction of that item and how it could effect the people and the earth and what are the steps to build that item from now to there
a futurist will think maby of space craft of how they would be in the future and he might think of what if u make the metal with certain magnetic properties to allow it to move around in earth magnetically field and a ion pusher thing to move it around and some kinda engine pulses of high blast of energy to push even faster in space and with metal will be sensitive to the sun for more energy and he will think of steps to first think of how to research it and how it could benefit the earth with such a device
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A heapin helpin of of sci-fi cyborg klingon pahflooey!
That spade is of klingon architect, boy it's futuristic.
by Jerry Fishburn October 8, 2003
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One of the worst people to exist on YouTube. He makes Minecraft animation videos but uses fetishes in almost all of them. Foot, zoophilia, microphilia, vore, etc.
Tim: Yo, you see that new futuristic hub video?
by somebody who's in the U.S. August 6, 2019
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Person with copious amounts of swag on a more futuristic level. Something that no one has seen before. People who usually obtain futuristic swag are trendsetters.

Yung LA is argueably the creator of futuristic swag(he claims). J-Money also claims to have created it.
Gucci: Ayy Dogg check out dem shades Yung LA be having.

Jucie: Yeah, he be on some futuristic swag. Some 2021 shit mayne.

Gucci: Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
by LeremyLenny March 27, 2009
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N. Form of speech. Special vocabulary with characteristics of the future. It originates from New York City. Its also used as an adjective when people describe their particular swagger. They can say thats my "futuristic lingo" or I have "futuristic lingo". Any future slang is futuristic lingo.
"Swag is dead, I got that Futuristic Lingo."
by Dermot Sutherland June 18, 2011
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