Gogeta is a fusion between Goku and Vegeta. Gogeta has appeared in DBGT, DBZ and DBS. In DBZ Goku and Vegeta had to fuse and go Super Saiyan to beat Super Janemba. In DBGT, Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta was messing around with Omega Shenron because he was weak. In DBS, to beat Super Saiyan Broly, who later transformed to his Full Power Form, Goku and Vegeta, with the help of Piccolo fused to create Gogeta. Gogeta went Super Saiyan and then Super Saiyan Blue, in the end Broly was defeated and sent to his home planet. The counterpart to Gogeta is Vegito, Goku and Vegeta fuse with Potora earrings.
Gogeta has beaten Super Janemba, Omega Shenron and Broly. He is very powerful.
by Flash Slash May 12, 2020
The resulting fusion between Goku and Vegeta. He is the most powerful Z Fighter, next to Vegito, who would be more powerful than him in their regular and super saiyan states, due to the different methods of fusion, his form also only lasts for 30 minutes, and only 10 minutes while in Super saiyan 4.

In Fusion Reborn, Gogeta is not seen as cocky whatsoever when compared to his Super Saiyan 4 form, and eliminates his enemy quickly. As a Super Saiyan 4 however, he acts somewhat similarly to his Potara counterpart Vegito as they both toy around with their respective opponent in order to achieve their true goal.

He is also the only fusion to be dead, as both Goku and Vegeta were deceased when they fused and fought Janemba.

Gogeta is the only Fused Saiyan character (Potara or Fusion Dance) to successfully defeat a villain without the fusion wearing off (he defeats Janemba without even coming close to running out of time).
Gogeta is the only Saiyan fused or otherwise to not be shown with a base form, although when he dies in Buu's Fury like any Super Saiyan who dies, his hair turns black and he also appears there as Veku and a unique skinny Gogeta, both black haired.
by kyle.biddle January 13, 2011
when Goku and Vageta from DGT combine using a fusion technique
by F34R June 16, 2003
a perfect man, someone who everyone looks up to or is flattered to be called.
That man is a perfect example of greatness in humanity, he is a gogeta.
by Fnchst June 15, 2003
Gogeta is a fusion of Goku and Vegeta and the most powerful saiyan in all of Dragon Ball series.
His power goes beyond Grand Zeno and even Super Shenron.
After proofing his strength in the most one-sided battle in Dragon Ball GT, he left the Earth to look for someone who could mach his power.
His time limit as a fusion is around 10 minutes in his legendary state of Super Saiyan 4 but he is so powerful that 0.00000000010 seconds is enough to beat enyone and everyone who dares to oppose him. The only time his timer ran out is when he played around with Omega Shenron for too long.
Wow, dude, you're so strong! You're like Gogeta, but mortal!
by The follower of Lord Helix November 13, 2018
The full-of-himself webmaster of www.adultswimunleashed.com who thinks he's Jesus. Also "Geto".
by sl4 June 15, 2003
Anime watching pimp.
That guy watching Rahxephon is a Gogeta.
by Spaz13_88 June 8, 2003