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A form of government run by hypocrites or characterized by hypocrisy.
A government that claims to respect privacy rights while spying on its citizens is a hypocracy.

A government that goes to war with other nations because they fail to respect human rights, while that same government maintains offshore torture camps is a hypocracy.

A government run by drug users which executes a 'War on Drugs' is a hypocracy.
by wordtsar February 24, 2014
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To make something futile or worthless

Just as utilize means to make something utile, futilize means to make something futile.
If Leah gets an abortion, this will futilize all the bickering over who will be the godparents of the baby.

Global warming futilizes the production of fur coats.

The weevils will futilize the farm land.
by wordtsar January 3, 2014
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