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funner is a word when used people say "that's not a word ". So help make funner a word so we can say " Yes it actually is a word look it up ".
urban dictionary is a lot funner to use than other dictionaries .
by imjustsayin33 May 10, 2019
There is retarded people , then there are fucktarded people . Meaning there is no hope for them they're just fucked. Idiotic people.annoying people . A dumbass.
When someone is doing something or acting some annoying way." OMG you are such a fucktard !" Or " Are you fucktarded?"
by imjustsayin33 February 27, 2020
A skank willing to do anything for dope . Typically diseased.
I wouldn't mess with that twat maggot , you'll catch a std .
by imjustsayin33 April 9, 2019
A fisherman who catches and keeps tiny fish .
Look at that fish molester he's keeping minnows hopefully the game warden catches him.
by imjustsayin33 April 12, 2019
A old person that complains constantly , the type that yell " GET OFF MY LAWN !"Rick's parents . When you get so pissed at your in-laws and can't call them anything else.
Don't cut through that yard the old people there are squirrel humpers and they"ll bitch at you . Or " Your parents are ... SQUIRREL HUMPERS !"
by imjustsayin33 February 27, 2020
Dumbass . There retarded people then there is fucktarded people. There is no hope for them they're just fucked. Idiotic people . When someone is so fucking stupid they can only be described as fucktarded.
OMG ! You are such a fucktard.
by imjustsayin33 February 27, 2020