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Justis is orgasmically good at making people laugh. &is the popular of the school. has all the friends without even trying & likes to be called love muffin :) is a boss when it comes to basketball..uses awesome words like groovyy &is more laidback and usually 'chills' with friends and is UBER sexy. and has painful ab-ies because he works on them everrryday..!
Have you seen that new kid JUSTIS!!?? he's a boss...!
by newdleheeed July 15, 2009
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A black boy which is funny sensitive and very peng
Justis is very smart and when he days something is racist he means it
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by Trustmeimsmart727 March 17, 2019
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A total fag that plays WoW all summer instead of having a life. Likes to correct people when they do abbreviations wrong, because he's THAT asian (except he's not really asian, he just wishes)
he's sexy but a total QQnoobscrub.

ya hes really weird tho and i dont think he has any friends except a sexy person named katya that he loves a lot.
person : pew pew is totally a gunshot
justis : uhm noe gun shot is bangbang ok got it? PEWPEW is a lazer. look it up
by katfohhshizzle September 02, 2008
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She is super attractive and loves everyone. Even though she is a savage to everyone she still has loads of friends. She always puts all her friend's problems in front of her own she only cries when she is alone or has a total mental breakdown. She loves to party and can hold her alcohol. Totaly amazing and a good person at heart the only thing people hate about her is when she is making any decision she gets scared and anxious. She is very self-conscious and always strives to do her best so she can feel wanted in the world. The only thing Justis is truly scared of is not being wanted.
Damn look at Justis.
by killokjklokh April 05, 2018
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