listen mann. the word fully sik is a gay word and people only started saying it when fatpitza came out, the person that first said it should be stabbed several times in the back
lebo, hey man fully sick ride

me (also lebo) shut up idiot dont say that around me
by djkarim August 2, 2007
n. to be better than sick
Fletcher's Car is fully sick

68thousand had a fully sick belt
by Stephaniii!! May 11, 2010
Christiaan VanVuuren aka The Fully Sick Rapper has been in Sydney Hospital since before Christmas 2009 with a rare form of Tuberculosis. He is in solitary quarantine but spends his time making awesome videos.
Christiaan VanVurren is the fully sick rapper and can be found on YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook. He will make you laugh with his awesome videos.
by Kittitude March 16, 2010
usually the name for a cool guy the has lots of mates and skates/scooters may be loved by most girl due to his looks and personality , super nice guy to those around beware if you piss him off you will be sorry you ever met him very protective over some girls only because he cares about then but wont date em xx
Boy 1: Woooow! look at him girls would fall to there knee's for him

boy 2 : he is a fully sick lad ofc
by SkAtErGiRlxXx May 21, 2019
The favourite term of all Lebs and Leb-wannabes. Usually followed by sounds that closely resemble that of a coffee grinder. Most of the time is said in an aggressive manner whether it is intended to be so or not. Although not quite known, its meaning is said to be similar to when a male gorilla beats his chest. Therefore it can be used as both a form of acknowledgement and a warning.
"Lets go to Bankstown!"

"Fully Sick Bro!"

"Hey Habib, ur a stupid fuck!"

"Fully Sick Bro!"
by D.E March 19, 2004
An action were someone has done something so fucking sick it is amazing. Usually associated with cool people doing cool things.
"That trick was fully sick brother!"
by Henri The Bloody God September 21, 2018