The time when your fully sick cuz checks his watch after hitting the gym
Mohammed: Oi Habib, what's the time bru?
Habib: Aww bru. Lemme just a check here...
*puts down invisible suitcases*
Habib: Aww bru, it's a fully sick o'clock bru
Mohammed: Aww shit bru! Ey Habib, I think you uhh.. you just lookin at your reflection bru!
Habib: Aww shit bru, think your right ey?
by Habib-Bru February 12, 2018
Why did the leb go to hospital?

Cos he was fully sick, bro!!!
Leb1 : Hey Pauli, check out da WRX!
Leb2 : Woah bro! Fully sick!
by billus April 1, 2004