Christiaan - Name

Someone with the name Christiaan is obviously the most charismatic fellow you shall ever meet. He can easily swoon all the ladies with his charm, and talks to females 24/7. Though usually surrounded by hoards of females, he always makes time for his group of homies, and often acts as a wingman for them when needed. He is a sweet and caring fellow, and always tries to cheer-up his friends when they are in strife.
"My day was going pretty rough, but then Christiaan came over and gave me a great pep talk!"

"You can always tell when Christiaan walks into a room. All the chicks flock to him!"
by KoalaShark October 01, 2013
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Christiaan is the hottest person you will ever meet. All the girls automatically go to him. He usually gets boners and has the hottest girlfriend ever!
All the girls want to have sex with christiaan
by u good bro? May 16, 2019
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A Christiaan is a charming, hot, glorious man with a huge cock. He makes all the girls swoon with his beautifull smile.
whenever you see a christiaan walk by, give him some candy. By doing this he will act as a wingman to get you a chick.
A Christiaan also knows how to put bro's before hoes
"Wow, that is such a Christiaan, he is so nice"
by Pseudonimiaan October 31, 2019
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Awesome Demi-God. Always right, godlike command of sarcasm. Also called your radiance
Christiaan, your radiance how can we help
by Ano91 February 17, 2017
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A disorder for people who swim too much. A true story, somewhere in Cape Town, South Africa where a person with the disorder suddenly produced gills at his neck and fins at his back though no organs were affected.
Possible symptoms of the disorder (Officially)
1. Has a "van" in his/her name
2. Prone to injuring her/him self whenever the person swims
3. Addicted to swimming too much, similar when a person has an orgasm.

Though not stated in the news, the worst case of the Christiaan Disorder was by an unfortunate swimmer, Christiaan van Zyl.
by NameTaker March 31, 2008
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A kid who thinks he knows everything...He loves to play his Wii and make his clothes a mess...He once said he was not a midget but a dwarf...he is also a noob.His nick name is big head because he has an enormous head..he also fails for having to a(s) in his name...
person 1-dude that was so funny.

person 2-yeah he was a total Christiaan Andrew Camilo.
by J33zu$ May 08, 2010
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