2 definitions by SkAtErGiRlxXx

usually the name for a cool guy the has lots of mates and skates/scooters may be loved by most girl due to his looks and personality , super nice guy to those around beware if you piss him off you will be sorry you ever met him very protective over some girls only because he cares about then but wont date em xx
Boy 1: Woooow! look at him girls would fall to there knee's for him

boy 2 : he is a fully sick lad ofc
by SkAtErGiRlxXx May 21, 2019
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A super hot Boy who loves scooters and all the girls love him, plus he has a nice face and you might like him his mates call him "scooter fag" but all the girls call him daddy xxx
Girl 1: Hey he really hot and he looks fucking sexy on that scooter
girl 2: Must be a "Tom evans"
by SkAtErGiRlxXx May 21, 2019
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