2 definitions by random-positive-stan

One who roams around Costco all day only trying the samples.
Jeremy was a classic Costco Leecher; he had his breakfast, lunch, and dinner trying the samples!
by random-positive-stan April 12, 2015
A common phrase used to describe The guy who eats his own hair (Jack Avery), The guy who always acts high (Corbyn Besson), The man who's eyelashes are longer than the list of my accomplishments (Daniel Seavey), The tall man that can't live a second of his life without coffee (Jonah Marais), and last but not least, The guy who's cheeks are redder than the sun (Zach Herron). ALSO KNOWN AS 'WHY DON'T WE'
Damn... That guy is a snack.... Too bad he isn't A Full Course Meal like Why Don't We
by random-positive-stan December 27, 2017