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The most awesome person you will ever meet...that is, if you do meet her, if you do, you are veeeeeeery lucky.

Cheri's can be a bit stubborn at times becuase they're awesomeNess just takes cOnTrOl of them!

Cheri's are very inpatient becuase she likes to get things done and is very efficient at doing work.

Cheri's eat alot of food, and they like to be beatiful. Cheri's are famous for having inner, and outee beauty becuase they are extremely attractive and lots of boys are very attracted to Cheri's.

Cheri is the most loyal companion you will ever meet becuase she knows how hard it is to not be as awesome as her.
Omg! You are almost as cool as a Cheri!
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by I DON'T EVEN KNOW NAYOME January 09, 2018
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A bootiful girl that everyone wants to be friends with but they can't becuase she's waaaaay to awesome for them. The name comes from Greek mythology that every girl names cheri got all the dudes
Your so pretty, you're name could be a cheri!
by I DON'T EVEN KNOW NAYOME January 08, 2018
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the sweetest name ever. like the fruit. an endangered species. should be treated with care. known to be super weird.
whats your name? cheri. what's your favorite fruit? cherry.
by watermelon January 29, 2008
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The standard for the female species, a girl who is kind and beautiful but also spontanious and wild when the time is needed. Sherr-ee
Damn that girl Cheri is crazy as hell. She's a dime too.
by jdawg2121 August 05, 2010
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The bitch who will sleep with your best friend after she shakes it around for him.
That Cheri stole my best buddy after she spread like peanut butter on bread.
by Wally Meatcleaver April 30, 2019
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