1. Tom Cruise
2. Some one who enjoys fly fishing.
Stan: Hey guys, check it out, Tom Cruise is a fudge packer.
Tom Cruise: What did you call me?!
Cartman: Hey, that is Tom Cruise.

Butters: How come you're packing fudge, Mr. Cruise?
Tom Cruise: I'm not a fudge packer!
Kyle: Dude, you don't have to be ashamed or anything.
Tom Cruise: But I'm not a fudge packer!
Stan: Then why are you packing fudge?
Tom Cruise: I'm not. I'm a very busy actor! I'm just here trying to get away for a weekend to do some fly fishing!
Stan: Dude, you are in a fudge factory packing fudge.
Tom Cruise: Oh that does it! I will sue you!
Stan: For what?!
Tom Cruise: You can't just call somebody a fudge packer and get away with it!
Mr. Garrison: Hey, is that fudge packer Tom Cruise?
Tom Cruise: That's it! I'm suing this entire intolerant town!
by tom "bathroom" cruiser June 23, 2010
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a man who engages in anal sex. Typically a gay man. Comes from the act of the penis packing the crap(fudge)tight by pumping his penis in and out of someones ass.
by Phi January 15, 2004
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a man who is gay, fudge packer is used to say as a man that enjoys anal sex with another man. also known as..sticking it in the pooper.
by Dchappy32 June 23, 2011
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one who packs fudge, on an assembly line. Possibly at a chocolate factory.
Me: Hey, my bro mike just got a job at the chocolate factory.

by Evan is Hella Tight April 17, 2008
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