An old, boring, no humor, crabby, no imagination, anal-retentive person.
"Quit being such an old fuddy duddy, lighten up some!!"
by Joy September 11, 2004
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Any person who would actually use the word "fuddy duddy" in a sentence.
OLD MAN: I am such an old fuddy duddy. (The usage of the word indicates that his self-observation is correct)
by Knelt April 23, 2006
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When a couple is having sex, and the girl hasn't reached orgasm yet. The guy cums and feels bad about it, so he keeps going, but he's already starting to get soft.
The sex would've been fine, even if I hadn't had an orgasm, but he just wouldn't give up... It was a total fuddy duddy.
by mkmtrumpeter December 12, 2010
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An old flaccid penis that is worn out from years of kinky sex and substance abuse.
While passing by his sister's bedroom, Therman overheard his grandfather yelling, "Awwwwww...yeaaah... just keep going you cunt. Suck my fuddy duddy until it's long, hard, and spewing out warm ice cream."
by Hobo Joe Bessinger December 27, 2007
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a humble and reserved person who is prone to depression and or alcoholism
"Ben get out and live a little, quit being such a conservative fuddy duddy."
by Jimmy Williams March 20, 2005
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