messing stuff up or screwing things up(the non-sexual form of fuck)
other forms: fuckting, fuckted, fucktify, fuckticious
refuckt - to fuckt again
The cake was so fuckticious, it was burnt.

Everyone fuckts in life sometime.

Life is fucktified sometimes.

by Croakie Pie March 22, 2009
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Almost the same meaning as fucked. It basically means that if something bad were to happen and you cant recover from it, or you can but that there is not enough time.
J.P-Yeah guys we are fuckt with a t. F-u-c-k-t
John- Basically.
by Wumbo June 26, 2006
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When you absolutely know you are screwed. Combination of Fact and Fucked.
I am so fuckt, there is not much point of doing anything.
by Amos Elroy December 19, 2018
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A fact about fucking

- a pun of the two words fused together
Orgasms are awesome and that’s a fuckt!
by Nininini88 January 22, 2021
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