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After dumping a load in her pussy, a fucksicle is the collection of pussy juice and cum that hangs from the base of your cock after pulling out.
"Shit man - you should've seen the fucksicle I wiped on the curtains when I was finished...!"
by trifuckta February 28, 2006
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Synonymous to the word "fuck". Often exclaimed mistakenly, and spontaneiously, during fits of childish and playful rage.
If one were to perish suddenly in a game of Mario 64, one might utter, "Fuck sicles."
by An Anonym March 06, 2007
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It means when you are super mad and happy and you need something to yell

It also means when you use a popsicle for a dildo
by braedens babe <3 April 06, 2011
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1) as in "fuck this" or "aw shit"

2) expressions of annoyance or anger.
1) 1: "hey it's that guy that's obsessed with you !"

2: "fucksicles ! i hate him !"
2) teacher: "class , today you have your midterms."

students: "fucksicles , man. i didn't study."
by nathalia C. January 20, 2010
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