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the most fuck things happened in your life, or project you handle, or client or what the fuck ever
1. This is the fuckiest day in my life.
2. You are the fuckiest client I ever had.
3. I never felt so fucking fuckiest like this since the day I met u.
4. Do you know what is the meaning of fuckup?
by ahmadzombie2 January 28, 2004
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It means more fuckable then more fuckable. Often used by someone who is piss ass drunk and walking with three of his friends
Drunk person: _____ your fuckable, but _____ is more fuckable then you. But ____ is the fuckiest.
by Dragon Temptress November 15, 2004
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Fuckiest-adj. Used to describe someone who is just the worst.
“DO NOT hang out with Kyle. He is the fuckiest person ever. He liters, hates puppies, takes shirtless mirror pics in front of his greasy mirror and captions them, “no homo”, and thinks a hot dog is a sandwich.
by serenaaaa18 June 30, 2018
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