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A purely sexual variation on the word 'seperation' or the words "Kevin Bacon" used almost exlusively in the "six degrees of" sense. Most often used to describe the invariably high number of people that you have indirectly fucked when you use the 'six degrees of seperation' in a sexual context.
Scott: I can't believe that I just fucked that chick...she is such a whore!

Mandy: Yah, I wouldn't want to play six degrees of fuckeration with her....!
by Scott Harkness June 21, 2006
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It is a combination of fuckery and botheration to the utmost extreme. When things can't get any worse and everything seems to just happen negatively one after the other all in the same day IE..... your momma kicks you out, you just lost your job, your dog dies, your BF sleeps with your man/woman, your car breaks down in a snow storm, you lost your wallet and ID ....all on the same day one after the other in no particular order.
People that do stupid shit to you, around you, or to others
I can't take this fuckeration anymore!
dem a gwan with pure fuckeration ova de.
by Speedemon July 30, 2009
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