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1 a series of incompetence ,

2 worse than a " fuck up " as there is usually more than one

3 a fuck up inside a fuck up inside a fuck up

4 the Australian Labour Party

5 some times incorrectly known as a cluster fuck as a fuckception is more severe than a simple cluster fuck

6 the instance where someone comes to you to solve a seemingly simple problem made ridiculously difficult because the person waited till the last moment to act on the problem and has resulted in multiple problems associated to the original ie lack of time or money or resources or all being an issue

7 usually created by people who think they know what they are doing even though previous instances have shown they dont have a clue
p1 : i have a problem
P2: ok simple do this

p1: ok but to do that i need this

p2: ok well go get one

p1: but the place that has them is shut till monday

p2: then go get it on monday

p1: but i have ----- on monday and i need it before then or for then

p2: when did you first know about this ?
p1: a few weeks

p2: mmmmfffffffff!
and that is one example of a fuckception !
by bvvvvt December 31, 2011
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