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A fuckback is the revenge on someone who despite of promisses didn't keep his word.
My boss promissed me a raise in sallary after finished projectbut he didn't. My fuckback is to steal some clients from the company.

Fuckback is a dish best served cold.
by shaddiesel September 02, 2010
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almost like flashback, fuckback means vividly remebering fucking someone you fucked in the past
dude last night I had a fuckback of when I fucked my first girl friend Aggie
by greenday256 January 05, 2012
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Tr. Verb.

1.) To tell one to move away as soon as possible.
2.) Used to tell one to shut up and give personal space.

"Charley fuckback! You just farted in my presence and you don't stop yapping about the beans you ate."
by Atomicdollar October 20, 2008
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i term used to say back off in a more hostile way by placing the word fuck into it
"hahaha look at that faggot"

"hey, fuckback asshole or ill knock your ass out!"
by fuckthefuckbackfaggot March 01, 2010
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Returning a sexual favor either to an intimate friend of the opposite sex or from a same sex friend or partner. Sometimes a trade of a second party sexual favor for value or renumeration.

A sexual act with an ex-partner.
I was going to kill that shitbag but he delt me his sister as a fuckback so we're cool now.

Marispan got drunk and we ended up in a fuckback for old times sake.
by fotog October 28, 2007
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