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1.) An eye disorder that causes the eye to feel uncomfortable when looking at sharp, pointy, ninety-degree angles. The sensation is the equivalent of nails scratching a chalk board but for ones eyes.

2.) The SES attack can last anywhere from a day to five days periodically through out a day in the left or right eye.

3.) Unknown to most of public and professionals due to the fact that one person has it. Name not mentioned to protect the privacy of that person.
"My eyes are killing me. Everywhere I look I see many sharp angles. The edges of all objects bother me. God, Sharpy Eye Syndrome is a pain in the eyes.
by Atomicdollar November 03, 2008
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Tr. Verb.

1.) To tell one to move away as soon as possible.
2.) Used to tell one to shut up and give personal space.

"Charley fuckback! You just farted in my presence and you don't stop yapping about the beans you ate."
by Atomicdollar October 20, 2008
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