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semen fit for consuming
"eat my fuck sauce"
"spill my fuck sauce"
"i want your fuck sauce all ove my face"
by JACKSTERBATE September 27, 2006
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(fuk-sos) n.

1. Liquid that comes out of the penis when a male ejaculates. (semen)
2. The lubrication that is produced by a woman's vagina when she is sexually aroused.
3. A derogatory term for an stupid person. (see synonyms moron, idiot, blockhead, dumbass, dipshit, retard, etc.)
I sprayed my fucksauce all over her face last night! It was hot!

Rachel makes some good fucksauce when she's horny!

Dude, that Steve kid is such a fucksauce.
by Barlow March 13, 2006
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Synonyms are: crotch sauce; cream of the crotch; cream of cock soup; banana cream; smelly jelly; trigger lube; penis paste; orgaz ooze.
Don't get your fuck sauce on my keyboard, you ass pirate!
by Urizen July 13, 2003
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Scented spray you use to attract the opposite sex, also known as cologne
Before you go out make sure you put some fuck sauce on.... Bitches love fuck sauce
by Tony Tomato July 23, 2018
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The leftover bodily fluids after sex, usually collected on the body or bedsheets.
After sex Margo didn't have time to shower, so she marinated in fuck sauce all day.
by AlieTheCat November 06, 2013
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While commonly thought as a sexual term for a certain liquid created while engaging in sexual intercourse, the term "fucksauce" is more commonly used when something really bad is happening, or has already happened. It is also commonly used after the word "holy", thus making it "Holy Fucksauce."
1) GUY 1: "Dude, I can't come to your party on Friday."
GUY 2: "Fucksauce. Why not?"

GUY 2: "WHAT?"
GUY 1: "I forgot, it's my girlfriends birthday today!"
GUY 2: "Fucksauce indeed, my friend. Fucksauce indeed..."

3) "Fucksauce! Another round, barkeep!"
by bigt4u2nv June 20, 2010
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