Oh dear the object in front of me appears not to be working
when your cental heating breaks down.....
fuck! the fucking fuckers fucking fucked fuck!
7 in a row gramatically correct
by fred November 19, 2003
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1. To have sexual intercourse.

2. An exclamation made when stuffed something up.

3. What Bushy and her Schmootzy Poo do.
Girl 1: Guess what I did in the public toilets! :D
Girl 2: *oh god..* What!
Girl 1: I had a Fuck fuck fuckitty fuck fuck fuck .. WITH MY SCHMOOTZY POO!
by Bec Loves Kes :D October 8, 2011
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To be under the influence of alcohol to the point where speech becomes slured, you start talking shit the world starts to spin.
"Fuck man, I'm Fucking fucked"
"Fuck me, your turning green"
"Fuck man, I'm Fucking Fucked"
"I know, you said"
by Wensleydale September 13, 2008
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when something goes wrong or you're really annoyed about something you normally say fuck - but this is the next level when something is really bad or a situation is not going as planned and saying fuck just won't cut it
this is the 4th time I've tried to print out something on the damn printer *gives printer a whack* - come on, where's my document??..... oh Fuckery Fuck Fuck Fucking Fucks! you useless printing machine!!!!!
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When you're so pissed off you can't be bothered to enunciate a sophisticated insult, two fucks in a row often suffices to get the point across.
You fuck off! Fuck fucking off! I've spent... look at me! I've spent my entire life sticking my neck out for you and all you ever do is fuck things up! Fuck things up and make me look stupid! - Shaun (of The Dead)
by Nitro378 March 17, 2010
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Catchphrase uttered by someone when something is really not working out well, or when someone is spiting someone else. The phrase comes from Eric Cartman in South Park.
What's so bad about sayWhat's sing "fuck"? Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck!
by pentozali August 22, 2010
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