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A team of talented and extremely good looking young men with huge dongs. These people are noticed by their team colors, of pink, purple, and of course fuchsia.
team-fuchsia was brought in by a ganster by the name of C-note Bormann, who spent 80 dollars on a fuchsia shirt in Fargo, North Dakota. C-note Bormann became an instand legend, and teamed up with Benjamin Doll to form Team-Fuchsia.
team-fuchsia can also mean, hip, hott, or extremely pimp
also can be said in past tense- team-fuchsia'd-meaning getting pleasure, banging
Damn, that chick must be from Team-Fuchsia.
Those incredible hott chicks are looking mighty Team-Fuchsia tonight.
Man, that girl and me totally team-fuchsia'd!
by Sauce Marley September 25, 2004
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