"For The Nguyen."

(1)/phrase/ A sarcastic emphasis on the over abundance of gold farmers in World of Warcraft.

(2)/phrase/ A play on FTW.

(3)/phrase/ A sarcastic response to something that is completely and utterly asinine or dysfunctional.

M: What's up with all these gold farmers?
J: They're doing it FTN.

J: Oreos FTN!

M: What's wrong with the mail server?
A: We have UNIX admins working on the MS Exchange server FTN!
by The Deadly Liver May 1, 2008
Acronym for - For The Night. used commonly in Ireland and the u.k. on snapchat. used with N'R (No Response) mostly.
Anyway, trish'll be keeping streaks as i will give n'r ftn.
Omg is she ignoring me? shes giving me n'r!
by Feckin twat February 18, 2017

Basically, it means Fuck the Norm. It is usually used in online (or, in some cases, real-life) conversation in response to a query about unusual behaviour.

It can also be a War-Cry like shout of encouragement or sheer rebellion.
"Why are you going putting up Christmas Lights in July?"

"Yeah, well, FTN."


by Rio Fantastic May 18, 2007
An acronym meaning "Fuck the norm"

To be said as "FUCK THE NORM!!"
"Hey dude I'm dying my hair purple. ftn!!"


bill: hi

mary: LOZLLGFJGK!jkKKL334L3!!

bill: Yeah...ftn
by Rio Fantastic May 7, 2007
Meaning "For The Night". Typically used by millenials or Gen-Z.
"No one text FTN"
"Someone call FTN"
by mgj222555 April 20, 2018
FTN is an acronym that stands for "Fuck That Noise". It is often used as punctuation at the end of a rant or statement expressing distaste. It also can be used as a general statement/reply.
"Dude, i got a 45 on my history test even though i studied for like eighteen hours last night, FTN!"

person 1: "Did you hear they finally fired Larry?"
person 2: "What!? FTN!"
by Sloopy Diggums March 29, 2009

Example: whenever you see a hot guy like James Charles so you say FTN!!!!!
Hey is that Noah? Yeah FTN!!!!
by JOE MAMA IS GAY LIKE YURI November 4, 2019