A commonly used phrase, with Latin origins, used to signify the showing of tits from a certain 3rd floor balcony. N
After the d sticks went down Mifflin, the crowd turned to root on the third floor window aka christmas lights to show her tits.
by Crutches Guy May 4, 2009
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To decorate your house at Christmas time for it to be judged.

Neighbours often challenge each other to see who has the best style and most lights. It can get pretty hectic at times.
Tiffany: I give that house an 8/10 because the Christmas lights don't match.

John: oh, look at that one. There was probably some neighbour competition there.

Tiffany: agreed.
by Turtlelover24 December 18, 2013
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Explosive pixel squirts filled with colorful bytes & chunks that a video game uses to blind us.
The dragon’s maw twas lit enough due to the incoming inferno without need of copious lasers; oh how the diarrhea Christmas lights distract me so.
by 2nd string, 2nd fret April 1, 2020
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Explosive squirts filled with colourful chunks that a video game uses to blind me.
Jimmy: Hey John, look at this awesome video game!
John: I cant, i already have looked at it. I now lack eyes.
Jimmy: Why?
John: You see, my eyes were caked with Diarrhea Christmas Lights, and that burned a permanent scar into my retinas. The pain was so unbearable I scooped my own eyes out with a spoon.
Jimmy: Oh ok
by Screaming_Egg April 1, 2020
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When a group of police cars gather in a predominatley black neighborhood around the crack house and all have their lights on.
Looks like Jiggaboo Christmas lights outside. Rev Al, did you get that crack pipe from Santa?
by Martin Luther Seymore February 6, 2009
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When two naked and drunken people wrap themselves in Christmas lights and terrorize the neighborhood on Christmas Eve.
We put on a Christmas light Show for every one in our neighborhood!
by BlakeTheSnakeDager March 7, 2016
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A typical event in video games that occurs when there are so many flashing lights on a screen at a given time that you cannot focus on anything, let alone the character you are controlling. It is most common in action games. The term originated from the YouTube channel girlfriend reviews.
Sam: Hey Jake. How are ya doing?

Jake: Pretty tired. I stayed up all night training for the upcoming Smash tournament.

Sam: That game is just diarrhea Christmas lights. I can barely see what I’m doing half the time because there’s so much action on the screen.
by The Phantasm July 26, 2021
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