To Make fun of your friend in a harsh(But they are your boy, so its cool) way.
If I said, "Damn man, you got that sloppy ass face." He Got Fried

Im about to Fry Him
by Jannati December 09, 2007
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A red headed character from Futurerama. He was frozen in the Year 2000 on new years eve. He was unfrozen 1000 years later. He then met Leela, bender and Dr Ziodberg along with a few other characters. In the the past he was a pizza delivery boy and his girl friend had just broken up with him. He hated his life and job in the past. Even though he again became a delivery boy in the future he claimed it was his was happy about that?? i don't know after all he is stupid.

In one episode he claimed that he had made out with a radiator 'girl' from the radiator planet, but to his disapointment and embarasment he was told that it was just a radiator lol.
"Dude Fry is my favourite character"


"because he's stupid"
by Finnerty October 25, 2009
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2, here comes the 3 to the 4 to the 5,
now i'm lookin at shorty right in the eyes,
couple seconds passed now i'm lookin at her thighs,
while she tellin me how much she hate her guy,
said she got a kid but she got her tubes tied,
if you 21 girl that's alright,
i wonder if a shake comin with them fries,
if so baby can i get em super sized,
by Rana :) March 15, 2004
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An English five pound note which displays Elizabeth Fry on one side.
1: Dude, can you lend me a fry

2: It's a fry to park there for the day, what a rip off.
by TheDirtyYoungMan July 03, 2009
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(verb): the face you make when someone says something moronic, idiotic, and otherwise downsy; the squint and stare.

(reference to Fry from Futurama)
"He was such an idiot she had the look of Fry on her face."

"She did the Fry."
by Alyssa&Robert July 14, 2014
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