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When a person is frustrated because of events of the day, he/she frusturbates to relieve themselves.
My friend Devin frusturbates because he has no girlfriend.
by The Shiz December 12, 2003
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Masturbating when you are frustrated as hell, or an angry masturbation period. Basically, a really angry masturbation. Can be used by a girl or a boy.
Last week my girlfriend and I got in a fight and I was so angry, that I frusturbated to her best friend's prom picture.
by wingringhouse September 20, 2009
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To masturbate while frustrated. Typically, the frustration results in a tight, ninja-like grip.
I just lost three times at foos ball! I'm going to go home and frusturbate.
by enochroot January 18, 2008
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Being caught in the act of masterbation, without having achieved orgasm, and being left frustrated at having to start over.
I was frusturbated after my mom busted me whacking off in the bathroom.
by Douglas PerfectHour February 24, 2005
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to engage in masturbation for the purpose of lessening the feelings of frustration surrounding some other event or situation.
Today was so stressful that I just want to get home, frusturbate and fall asleep; afterall, tomorrow is another day!
by Life-in-Hand June 15, 2010
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