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An extremely unhealthy diet of consisting only raw fruit and possibly other raw plant foods, followed by the very stupid or very gullible, who ignore the fact that humans are naturally meat-eaters.
Alice Teresa, the fruitarian: You can live wonderfully on raw fruit alone! Every nutritionist and doctor agrees that fruit is the healthiest food in the world! You'll be healthy and joyful!

Ichiro Korematsu, the carnivore: Quit talking nonsense. I'm already healthy and joyful, because I'm getting all the nutrients I need. You, on the other hand, are missing out on protein, Vit. B12, iron, essential fats, and a whole host of other important nutrients. In my entire life, I have never met a single health professional who reccomended fruitarianism.

10 years later:

Ichiro Korematsu, the carnivore: Wow, that steak was great! I feel quite good now.

Johnny Smith, the carnivore: Me too. By the way, whatever happened to Alice Teresa, the fruitarian?

Ichiro Korematsu, the carnivore: Oh, she got diabetes, anemia, and osteoporosis quite a while ago. Also, the lack of vitamin B12 messed up her mind, so she has a long term stay at the local mental hospital.

Johnny Smith, the carnivore: Yikes, fruitarianism is so dangerous. I'm glad I didn't fall for their propaganda.
by JesseG88 December 12, 2006
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A dietary belief and subculture founded on the school of thought that humanity is anatomically frugivorous and would benifit most by eating accordingly for optimum health. The theory is scientifically sound yet the life is a difficult one to maintain in a world where most fruit is hybridised, pumped as much as legally possible with pesticides, and irradiated. Fruitarians who live on healthy land with plenty of rain tend to see the full benefit of their belief in this natural diet of Man.

Fruitarianism is often accompanied by the tenets of raw foodism.
'Fruitarianism, or the Theory of Human Frugivory, like our planet being round, is one of those simple truths which will be met by opposition for dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of years before being even remotely accepted.'
by Kyle Lees January 21, 2006
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