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One who's diet consists mainly of raw fruits. (Do not confuse with a vegan raw foodist.)
A fruitarian does not eat meat, animal bi-products, cooked food, and prefers fruits over vegetables.
by Lina Kosara September 19, 2005
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A person of extreme dietary (and perhaps spiritual) discipline who eats only the reproductive offshoots of plants. This includes not only apples and oranges but nuts, grains, melons, tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, etc. A pizza marinara (no cheese, no meat) is a fruitarian meal, and so is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Fruitarianism is closely related to veganism which itself is a subset of vegetarianism and is widely popular in the non-Western world. Unfortunately, as with anyone who practices extreme discipline, the fruitarian is often hated and ridiculed by fatasses who lack a level of dedication. Famous fruitarians: Gandhi & Steve Jobs (founder of "Apple" computers--hence the name).
I used to know a dude who was a total porkrind munching fatass, but he could never get a date because he smelled so bad, and he eventually died of a heart attack at age 47. He should've gone fruitarian.
by MasterBastard April 11, 2006
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N: An obsessive person who relies on fruit - based technology for their daily existence.
He's a proper fruitarian - look at his bold hooked into his new mini tablet!!!
by TeeEmEye November 08, 2012
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someone that only eats fruit(no animals vegitabls or animal byproducts) They eat the fruit and then use the seads 2 regrow more fruit 2 eat
hippies usaly would b type of ppl that r fruitarians
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I hate them. so much. They're even worse than vegetarians.
I hate fruitarians. a lot.
by crap November 19, 2004
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