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while in the act of mooning someone, tucking you penis between your thighs exposing your dick head to whomever your mooning
as the school bus passed by i wanted to give them i surprise so when i mooned them i threw in the fruit cocktail
by jewy louie April 17, 2006
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Eat beets until your piss turns red. Then after getting a blow job you cum on a girls face and then quickly piss on her face. Because your piss is red her face will look like a fruit cocktail.
The girl angrily wiped her face after I gave her a fruit cocktail.
by Arobb June 05, 2007
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Fruit Cocktail - (n.) A gay orgy
Dude, I went to that new bar called "Rough Riders" cause I thought it was a western bar and I like line dancing, but it was a gay bar. It was a total Fruit Cocktail.
by Titan2014 November 03, 2016
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