When a naked man bends over, and puts his nuts and penis behind him, similar to a banana and two nuts in a basket, ie the fruit basket.
She wanted me to bend over and show her my fruit basket.
by urban legend March 28, 2003
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a roach bowl; a bowl loaded in a piece of paraphernalia made from a mixture of the ends of blunts smoked previously; named for the multiple fruit flavors tasted from the different cigarillo types.
I smoked a huge fruit basket before work and I was high for hours from all that resin!
by callamity September 9, 2010
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when a man moons you and tucks his dick back between his legs
Link mooned me with his dick tucked back between his legs, giving me a view of his fruit basket...
by sharkdik May 24, 2007
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a fruit basket is a basket which most people tend to keep fruit in.
by virbjdyfvfvvhxsf September 1, 2010
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Naked man shoves his penis back behind his legs and between his balls.
My best friend walked in his dad's room and his dad gave him a fruit basket.
by condoms.com July 30, 2003
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"When a guy folds and holds his peaches and banana in his hand and displays it for all to see....."
"Kyle displayed a fruit basket to his roommates before they cryed with laughter"
by Richie January 26, 2004
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The view of male genitalia from behind (between the legs). "Tucking" is NOT necessary to constitute a fruit basket.
This porno is terrible. There are far too many fruit basket shots.
by Plaztik January 18, 2006
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