Also known as "Fair-weather fan".

People who only support sports teams that recently win championships and then claim they liked that team all along. These people can be highly annoying, approaching them may result in increased levels of stress and aggression. Frontrunners may claim they have a relative or were born in the state where the winning team is from. Do not trust them at any cost.
Mike:"I told you my Gators would win!"
Wes:"You go to UCF, frontrunner."
by wesman427 April 4, 2007
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1. someone who gives up when the going gets tough
2. When a team is facing an early deficit, for example a 28-7 deficit in the first quarter, a front runner will throw in the towel and tell his wife to not show up to the game
Steven might be a frontrunner because when his team gets down early he often believes his team won't come back and we should just give up
by cheap_Skate October 11, 2018
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in boxing, a frontrunner is the word used by p4p king floyd mayweather jr that means a boxer starts good in the beginning rounds but then he gets tired reaching the end later rounds.

he used the word in the 2006 fight v.s zab judah interview.
zab judah is a frontrunner, he starts good but then he rans out of gas
by hatuey April 20, 2008
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A person who claims to be a band or group's biggest fan and expert after only knowing of them for a week. Also known as poseurs.
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
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a person who gets ecstatic and excited when a team they are rooting for is doing good recently but then they end up switching teams when they realize their team isn’t good towards the end of season or get bounced out the playoffs in the longrun.
this guy is a frontrunner until they lose and switches teams
by nothing but facts November 8, 2019
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Bandwagon sports fans that will only root for a team, based on their success.

Patriots, Warriors, Yankees, Cowboys,and Lakers fans.
"All Patriots fans will claim they've been diehard fans since Drew Bledsoe but the rest of the country knows they're a bunch of frontrunners, that only started liking them once they started winning in 2001."
by Dr. Phil Mike Hunt March 28, 2019
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Any gay ass band that actually thinks they're kewl. They thrive upon senseless morons and promote their so called "music" to dorks of crestwood.
Woah man, did you see our concert last night? We totally rocked out with a cover of Jet. Woo-hoo! Yeah man.
by miss February 1, 2005
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