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Paulina is a quiet person at first, however once you get to know her she's a one crazy motherfucker! Having a friend like her is a treasure, she will make you laugh at the most stupid thing and you will always have a great time with her. She loves nature, animals and children. She's smart but not a boff, she can be very stupid sometimes. She sticks around mainly with her main girls and usually doesn't like meeting new people. She is easy to get along with however once you get on her bad side, she's not so loveable anymore. She will usually friendzone any boy that tries to get close to her unless she REALLY sees that 'something' in the guy. She's into white (tanned) Portuguese, Spanish and mixed race boys.
She's quite pretty and has a beautiful smile and big brown sparkly eyes, however has a very low self-esteem and always compares herself to other girls, thinking she's worse. She won't accept a compliment either.
Once you get to know her , you're most likely to fall for her however don't put your hopes to high because she's not up for more than just friendship.

She doesn't like easy boys as she prefers a little challenge. From time to time she finds girls attractive and might prefer them to boys.
Paulina is a sex freak and ready to try new things, watch out things might get feisty ;D
Boy : Damn girl you're so beautiful!!
Paulina: Ergh, yeah whatever.

Guy : Ah this chick, imma try it on with her! She's some top shelf stuff.
Friend: You have no chance! I've been there, tried that! That chick is hard to get!!..She will probably Friendzone you!
by secretadmirer3328 February 18, 2014
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Once you get to know Paulina. She becomes the most beautiful person in the world to you. shes anything but fake. you can feel totally comfortable with her. and you'll make amazing memories with her.
A friend: is that your best friend?
You: yea. Her name is Paulina.
by Irissss August 10, 2013
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The exact representation of perfection incarnate.The simple act of looking her in the eyes will cause you to fall in-love.Her gorgeous eyes and beauty is pure extravagance! She is elegant with a touch of sweetness, kind-hearted and fun. If you ever have the fortune of meeting a princess by the name "Paulina" Consider yourself lucky!
Paulina is the utmost beautiful and marvelous lady to ever grace this earth.
by JollyAffliction February 05, 2013
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a beautiful polish girl that has a big heart. she loves kids, and is nice to everyone unless you get on her bad side. she is not judgemental at all. she is funny and never shuts up. she is crazy and loves to have fun, but she knows when to be serious. she is just generally an amazing person.
i think i'm falling for Paulina, she is just so amazing!
by polishgirl123 May 02, 2009
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paulina is a polish girl. She is hot, sexy, beautiful,smart and pretty. She atracts many boys. she might be crazy, stupid, annoying sometimes but she is the best friend you could ever have, she would leave you alone when you need her. she will always be there right next to you in the hardest times. if you are dating a girl named paulina you must be the luckiest guy/girl in the whole wide world. she is very dirty but many times she is a sweet and sensitive girl. if you are dating a girl and her name is not paulina break up with her and get a girlfriend thats named paulina.
i love paulina
by sexyasshole123 January 19, 2015
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A very special person which has changed a life and will always be treasured by the one who truly loves her. A very unique character which is rare to come across. If by any chance you meet her you will instantly fall in love with her beautiful nature and will automatically come back want to get to know her better. Shy, quite person on the surface, but once u get to know her, she's amazing. This persons one true love will forever be grateful and will be treated and given never ending love. People like these are very special people, so if by any chance you manage to meet someone like this, treasure it and always remember it. I am speaking from 1st hand experience.
by orientalkid August 21, 2011
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Paulina is the most beautiful girl you'll ever meet, inside and out. She is truly a treasure, and will stick with you no matter what. Paulina is usually friends with everyone, but only have a few people in her close friend group. You can't help but love her, because of the way she treats people. She is so loving and gentle and kind, full of ideas and ways to help animals. Paulina is also down to Earth, and will keep you grounded at all times, although sometimes she might get lost trying to help others.

She is usually Latina, and has big, sparkling brown eyes that mesmerize you every time you look at them. Paulina can never accept a compliment, no matter how many you throw her way. She is is breathtaking though, with or without makeup. She's bad-ass, and can probably beat you up. Paulina probably always gets mistaken for being older then she actually is, because she dresses maturely.

She is treasured by everyone, and if you meet her, don't ever let her go.
Paulina is so pretty
by LUCY LA LA LA1234511 December 02, 2018
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