A girl who has one of the biggest hearts and kindest soul. Meeting her is something you'll never regret for she'll change your life completely, whether it be by changing some of your views, making you feel wholesome, or reminding you of the best version of yourself, this girl will do extraordinary things in your life. She's also really beautiful and has a cute ass laugh. She's someone you can count on to be there for you through the roughest of times and the best of times. She's really supportive of your motivations and dreams and will correct you when you are wrong. She doesn't want to anyone close to her hurt and will do her all to make you smile again. One of my best friends and I love her from the bottom of my heart.
"Bro, Paulina just smiled at me, what do I do???"
"You should like screw off because she's mine>:("
"Fuck you"
"Thank you"
by Migu3lele November 20, 2018
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Paulina is the most beautiful girl you'll ever meet, inside and out. She is truly a treasure, and will stick with you no matter what. Paulina is usually friends with everyone, but only have a few people in her close friend group. You can't help but love her, because of the way she treats people. She is so loving and gentle and kind, full of ideas and ways to help animals. Paulina is also down to Earth, and will keep you grounded at all times, although sometimes she might get lost trying to help others.

She is usually Latina, and has big, sparkling brown eyes that mesmerize you every time you look at them. Paulina can never accept a compliment, no matter how many you throw her way. She is is breathtaking though, with or without makeup. She's bad-ass, and can probably beat you up. Paulina probably always gets mistaken for being older then she actually is, because she dresses maturely.

She is treasured by everyone, and if you meet her, don't ever let her go.
Paulina is so pretty
by LUCY LA LA LA1234511 December 3, 2018
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Once you get to know Paulina. She becomes the most beautiful person in the world to you. shes anything but fake. you can feel totally comfortable with her. and you'll make amazing memories with her.
A friend: is that your best friend?
You: yea. Her name is Paulina.
by Irissss August 10, 2013
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A very insecure and sensitive person. Paulina is a very beautiful,adorable, cute and funny person. Paulina doesn’t think of herself as any of those things though. Yet other people do. Paulina is also a very caring person. Paulina always looks out for others. (Unless you make Paulina mad) it’s very easy for Paulina to make friends. Yet Paulina feels like a lot of people hate her. Overall Paulina is a very child like person. Paulina can sometimes be weird but atleast its a good type of weird.
Person #1: she called herself ugly.
Person #2: I wish Paulina could see what we see.
by Urfriendlyfriendalberto March 13, 2018
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The exact representation of perfection incarnate.The simple act of looking her in the eyes will cause you to fall in-love.Her gorgeous eyes and beauty is pure extravagance! She is elegant with a touch of sweetness, kind-hearted and fun. If you ever have the fortune of meeting a princess by the name "Paulina" Consider yourself lucky!
Paulina is the utmost beautiful and marvelous lady to ever grace this earth.
by JollyAffliction February 6, 2013
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Paulina is a AMAZING AND IRAPLACEIBLE GIRL WHO NEVER STOPS TRYING. she is sweet amazing beautiful and clever and oh I could go on and on and onnnn. Paulina is a amazing human being who laughs at anything can sometime be shy and not very confident but most of the time 99% of time she is bubbly brave and confident .Paulina is a angel person but once you make one mistake you make a misake. for your life. you cant make her mad which is most of the time impossible but owwww that bruise will hurt!
dude1: DUDE! Did you see the chick that got 100% of the really hard math test

dude2:OMG she must be a -
paulina: that's the name
by imaflower/mincepie January 19, 2019
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a beautiful polish girl that has a big heart. she loves kids, and is nice to everyone unless you get on her bad side. she is not judgemental at all. she is funny and never shuts up. she is crazy and loves to have fun, but she knows when to be serious. she is just generally an amazing person.
i think i'm falling for Paulina, she is just so amazing!
by polishgirl123 May 2, 2009
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