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A handsome prince waiting to be kissed by a beautiful princess.
She gently touched the frog with her lips and suddenly before her, there stood a handsome prince.
by Princess Bride May 09, 2004
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Arrogant French who boo their own players in Football and Rugby whenever they are losing. (they also happen to stink from all their garlic munching and lack of showers) Have no patriotism when the going is bad. Will eat anything they can get their hands on including snails, frogs legs and meat still oozing with blood.
Ah oui lets 'zurrender' to the nazi's then we can stink zem out with our frogs breath.

"France would be a nice coutry if it weren't for the people"
by Brummie Stu March 18, 2006
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French person from france or Quebec (pepper).
Father: What does a cow say?
Daughter: Moo
Father: What does a frog say?
Daughter: Alloo
by Anglomontrealer June 11, 2010
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frog describes the hollowing on certain types of building bricks.
usualy the hollow side is placed face down during construction. Accrinton bricks have a well defined frog.
by DIZZYskin December 10, 2007
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