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A (typically) twice yearly gathering of froggers over a weekend. Similar kind of concept to a tweetup.
When's the next FrogFest?
by mittfh February 12, 2010
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A napple is an apple with the space in the wrong place.
Do you want a napple?
What's that?
An apple with the space in the wrong place!
by mittfh May 12, 2012
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A portmanteau of "Jubilee" (as in HM The Queen's Diamond Jubilee) and "Olympics" (as in the quadrennial sporting event), both of which are being heavily exploited by the UK media and retailers in advance of the two events (early June, late July - although with the Olympic Torch Relay in progress since late May...)
- What are you planning to do for the Jubilympics?
- Emigrate as far away as possible - preferably to a desert island.
by mittfh May 28, 2012
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A hybrid between a forum and a blog: either a blog that commentators treat as a forum, or a forum treated as a blog.

Originated with BBC Radio 4's PM Blog, possibly due to the very first entry, which more or less invited "off-topic" comments...

"Testing, testing.

If this works I'll think about actually writing something tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by."
Have you written anything on the frog?
by mittfh February 12, 2010
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