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To spend excessive time on a computer surfing the net or otherwise investigating something of little consequence, just to satisfy your curiosity. It carries the connotation of masturbation. (used at MIT in the '70s)
Stop frobbing and get back to your work!
by frobber April 5, 2010
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1. In MUDD terms (not the jeans, the world), to activate.
2. To poke, prod, or otherwise afflict a person/object, usually with the index finger, to illicit a reaction of some kind. In most cases, one speaks the word aloud while doing so.
Bob frobs Mopsy in the forehead sometimes.
by The Mayor October 24, 2003
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1. (transitive) Abbreviation of "frobnicate". To tweak or fiddle around with the physical element(s) of some technology, typically in a random, aimless, or silly way.

-While tweaking something tends to imply smaller/finer adjustments, frobbing something generally suggests larger more erratic movements.

2. To perform a task (especially a technological one) that is clear to the speaker but too complex or tedious to be explained, so that outside help is not helpful.


1. Abbreviation of "frobnitz". Slang for "widget", "gizmo", or "thing"; generally (but not exclusively) used in contexts related to technology.


Originates (circa 1959) from from the Tech Model Railroad Club (TMRC) at MIT; coining often attributed to David R. Sawyer.

See also: "foo", "mung".
(Verb, 1) "To make a new sound, I just frob the buttons and nobs on my synthesizer until I get a noise that I like."

(Verb, 2) "Why don't you go grab lunch? I need to frob the turboencabulator for about another hour to get it working smoothly."

(Noun, 1) "I found this frob on the floor in the computer room, any idea what it goes to?"
by EbonHawk7x November 1, 2020
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To be frobbed, fingered and robbed.
Eg; Omg girls at the weekend this guy frobbed me.
Or; Dude at the weekend i totally frobbed this bird, stole some bread and crisps!
by pierrepickleportal May 15, 2014
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(v) To rob someone in a very angry manner.
(v) To steal something very important and then rub the theft in the person's face.
Gary frobbed my sandwich from the fridge and then ate it in front of me.
by CrazyRaptorGuy January 6, 2012
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A frob is a very rare species of the ๐’ซ๐’ฝ๐’พ๐“๐‘’๐’น๐‘’๐“๐’พ๐’ถ๐“ƒ animal family he seems to have been spotted once or twitce in hasselhoflyd
Look there frob.
oh shit dawg go hun it
by Omknock February 26, 2019
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Any un-named object; a thing. Usually used in a sentence that contains two un-named things.
by DragonlordALS May 18, 2004
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