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1. In MUDD terms (not the jeans, the world), to activate.
2. To poke, prod, or otherwise afflict a person/object, usually with the index finger, to illicit a reaction of some kind. In most cases, one speaks the word aloud while doing so.
Bob frobs Mopsy in the forehead sometimes.
by The Mayor October 24, 2003
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Any un-named object; a thing. Usually used in a sentence that contains two un-named things.
by DragonlordALS May 18, 2004
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The fanfiction pairing of My Chemical Romance's Frank Iero and former drummer Bob Byrar. Frob (their couple name), is the combination of both their names.
There really should be more Frob fanfiction out there.
by FrankieToro:D November 26, 2011
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1. The name of the victim of a canibal named George.

2. To beat someone wildly with a fish.
1. "Mmmmmmmmm...tastes like chicken."
2. "I frob you with a Halibut!"
by TheXorcist February 12, 2003
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False. Something that did not happen. Synonymous with the term Bullshit.
John Doe: I took like 15 shots. I'm hardly buzzed.

John Q Public: Frob
by Minnow53 December 04, 2008
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