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a very fun and unique family. pretty strong christians. and into music.
the friskey family is coming over for the BBQ, this will be fun!
by frisk February 12, 2005
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A Friskey, or Friski (What you would call them in groups, but this is rare.)is a member of the group that is suddenly drug there. Usually, they are called this because no one has bothered to learn their name. Typically the "mybitch" of the group, as if often beaten down by the other people in the group. Usually, if Friski learn to morph themselves into more outgoing people, they can become mildly human.
"Hey, Friskey... Why don't you shut the fuck up and get me some fucking cash?"
"Hey, Friskey, yo rock!"

"Look at those stupid Friski. No one even cares to learn their name...)
by LAINKOKOKO August 13, 2006
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