The emoji used when you have no response. The emoji version of awkward turtle.
"Thanks for last night I would have kissed you but I have work in the morning"

*sends fried shrimp emoji*
by TobiasTheCruel December 29, 2017
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Mr Krabs is always bragging about the size of his shrimp yet everyone knows that my boi aint packing.
Have you seen Mr Krabs Little Fried shrimp?

OMG yes but its ok its about the motion not the size.
by 69dankclit69 June 3, 2020
Chan: William! I stick my shrimp fried rice in your pooty tang!

William: Oh chan, oh chan!
by B October 27, 2004
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to perform oral sex on a chinese woman
in the song 'colt 45', ''i ate that pussy like shrimp fried rice''
by bailey johnson March 1, 2005
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So you're telling me a shrimp fried this rice...?
(Shrimp fried rice)
by brodge December 21, 2021
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Where you puke on someones asshole and then fist fuck it.
Dude, you gave that chick a shrimp fried rice!
by Kentor December 13, 2003
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1.)a taco with shrimp fried in a doughy batter 2.)a chinese vagina, poon, cunt, taco, hole with no ending 3.) a poon puked on after eating a delicious meal at red lobster
1.) Dude that shrimp fried taco had a pube in it. 2.)When I was in China I put it in a shrimp fried taco. 3.) Dude, I banged this chick so hard I got sick and gave her a shrimp fried taco!!!
by RoNaLd McDoNaLd January 29, 2004
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