What's up baby


You fretty

What's that mean?

Wouldent you like to know
by breakdancer September 4, 2004
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a person named brett who happens to be funny and silly, hence the word fretty. Fretties are usually ones who make mistakes (particulary in the 5th grade), however they make up for it for their beautiful eyebrows which are alsways well groomed.
Person A: Man did you hear about Fretty in the 5th grade?

Person B: Yeah that is weird, but i can't help to be seduced by his amazing eyebrows
by sir spinkleton February 15, 2005
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When you go too high and too drunk, you go fretti. It's called fretti because you walk like spaguetti.
Dude, i'd like to go fretti like that man, but i don't have money.
by spaguetti guy October 1, 2019
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Fretti is called to the status when you go drunk and high at the same time. Fretti is a lifestyle. It's called "fretti" because when you are in this status you walk like spaguetti.
Dude, this guy goes so fretti!

Dude, i go fretti

Dude, i would like to go fretti but i don't have money
by spaguetti guy September 30, 2019
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a little five fret practice guitar fretboard. for improving technique and speed.
Joe: Holy Shit! Is that a dildo?
Brad: No man that my little fretty.
Joe: Cool!

*High Fives
by atthegates May 26, 2008
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The phrase ‘fretty’s mum’ derives from the Latin word ‘fretilo mater’ - it’s commonly used during a game of knock-a-door run. It is used in a sentence in two ways, one, for example would look like this “who’s house we knocking on, what about ... fretty’s mum”. Another, looking like “that is frettys mum vibes that” when experiencing a bad dinner.
Me and the boys went to a nightclub the other night and it turned out to be a fretty’s mum vibe.
by Booland March 15, 2019
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