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Nacolandia is where nacos originate. Of course, Nacolandia is not exactly a real place like Disneylandia (Disneyland). Nacolandia is a made up place by famous Mexican comedian Luis de Alba.

De Alba created a character called, El Pirruris, who is supposedly the son of a wealthy and influential Mexican. Pirruris talks and acts like the children of the upper-class of Mexico (Fresas). On his show, El Pirruris shares his expertise in nacologia, the study of nacos. Nacos according to the Wikipedia, are "people with illusions of grandeur, airs of importance, bad taste and colorful slang". If it weren't that Luis de Alba makes it funny, El Pirruris would be offensive. I'm not certain if Pirruris made up the word "naco", but he certainly made it popular throughout Mexico and other places where his show was broadcast.
Osea wanabe fresa, regresate a Nacolandia.
by MR-G February 24, 2008
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