English with traces of French words littered throughout. Spoken by bi-linguists and/or people who are not quite fluent in French.
"I really besoin de faire my taxes tonight. Cause they're due like, maintenant. So I'll do that ce soir."

"Quit speakin' Frenglish, dude!"
by happinessiseasy April 13, 2007
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French spoken with grammar that is acceptable only in English
Frenglish: J'adore toi ---> I love you
French: Je t'adore ---> I you love
by Faux-Vie March 15, 2008
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a language spoke by frenchys that is very poor english
from one time i was playing dod:

fuck hwy you stay behind me!1

wombat hack ...... why he know i am here!!!!!

all you guys are death

nub gay and i just up the stair

wtf whit yoru vent nub

i up tair and he shot me in the stair gg nub hacker
by cuStomz0rz March 25, 2004
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1: English spoken with such a bad french accent that it is not understandable.

2: French spoken with such a bad english accent that it is not understandable.

3: Speaking english and french at the same time by alternating from one language to another every 1 or 2 words.
Frenglish 1: Eye woode leyeck zum freyed ehggz pleeze.

Frenglish 2: Ge voodray doo pahn sil voo play.

Frenglish 3: dit dinc dumbass, j'ai asked pour some putain de eggs and pain!
by t.p.in.lux2 July 11, 2008
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Someone who is french but was suppressed by the English when their ancestors were in Canada and they are trying to reconnect to their heritage. An example of Frenglish would be someone who speaks english but has a french heritage and will sometimes speak with a french accent and sometimes speak french for responses like if they get a something they will say Merci or Je vous remerci and speak english to sum it up it's a mix of english and french but it's a french guy trying to reconnect to their culture
He is Frenglish Because he's trying to reconnect to his culture
by FrenglishMan101 June 6, 2020
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English spoken in a bad French accent, with a few French words thrown in.
1. (talking about slamming a bottle on the table in anger)
Francois: I slam zhe "bouteille" on zhe table, for I will not stand for zhis. Zhe "verre" went everywhere, and I had to clean.
John: I'm reporting you for domestic abuse. That's not ok.
Francois: What?
John: Slamming her ass on a table?
Francois: Nonononono! It's a "bouteille"! For beer!
John: Why are you speaking in Frenglish?
2. (when talking about a mismanaged bank account)

Lois: Zhat count is wrong. I have more zhan zhis in my "compte bancaire". She is "stupide", and I will pound her wizh zhe law.
Andy: You're going to pound the banker with WHAT?
Lois: Zhe law! I will contact her wizh a request for the "tribunal".
Andy: This sounds like a really weird way to describe picking up women...
by officialpyrocynical April 2, 2020
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Frenglish is defined as a way of speaking used mostly by French canadiens, mixing both French and English words into a phrase. Also called "Franglais", it is usually used by the youngsters or by French folks who cannot speak English very well.
Guy 1: Hey est tu down de going skié se weekend?

Guy 2: My bad, J'avais already schedule un appointment pour ste Saturday chez mon docteur

Guy 3:Hey quite speaking Frenglish, Y'all are loosing me.
by Potato_chat May 24, 2021
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