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A group that consists of people between the ages of 13 and 19 that is criticized for not meeting the standards of the conservatives (old people).
hey old people! look at how you were criticized as a teen before you criticize the teens of today.

"the older you get, the more conservative you become"
by Faux-Vie July 10, 2008

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A difference: without one side, there is no other side.
if there was no contrast, there would only be apathy
If there was no evil how would we know what good is?
If there was no failure how would we know what success is?
... happy and sad
... up and down
by Faux-Vie March 23, 2008

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French spoken with grammar that is acceptable only in English
Frenglish: J'adore toi ---> I love you
French: Je t'adore ---> I you love
by Faux-Vie March 14, 2008

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A person with dark hair (not a shade of red/orange) and freckles
Tori has freckles commonly found on gingers, but she is a brunette, night walker
by Faux-Vie August 09, 2008

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Someone who will always be there for you... when they need money
friend: hey friend!!
you: hey, i would have never expected you to talk to me. whats up?
friend: oh, can i borrow some money?
you: ...
by Faux-vie November 10, 2007

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