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fun, sexy as sin, simply amazing.
Haeleigh's are outgoing and sweet. Said to be amazing in bed and great kissers.
If you are lucky enough to know a haeleigh, then you should find yourself very fortunate bcause haeleigh's are said to be extremely rare.One of the best people out there
haeleigh's are the shitttt
super hot
great listeners
cutie pies :)
by dooood July 10, 2008
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Haeleigh is usually a very pretty girl with the brightest blue eyes and blonde hair.She is usually a very amazing,outgoing,crazy girl who goes for what she wants in life.She is an amazing girlfriend.She is mean at times but overall she is an amazing person who is an animal lover and loves and cares for everyone she knows.She is a very emotional girl but does not like to show it.She always has a special bond and the bond is never the same with a person.She is very fun and you will never get bored with her.She is one of the rarest and greatest people you will ever meet.consider your self blessed if you have a Haeleigh in your life!
Who is that beautiful girl? She is definitely a haeleigh! Guess what guys!! What???? I have the best girlfriend In the world!guess who? HAELEIGH
by T*h*o*m*a*s April 16, 2018
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