School lunch for broke niggas. Only broke niggas enjoy school lunch.
That free free slap snaggy?
by Yeerrr my tims tight February 19, 2020
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poor quality food given away for free to poor people.
I never eat the free-free.
by AsapAsap December 8, 2018
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“Free-Free,” is a specific item of choice that a consumer would not purchase with their own currency; but would rather take for free.
Me- “Ayo igb general What’s the word with that jacket?!”

IGB general-“ Nigga Yk I’m coping that shit you know I fiend for that free-free!”
by Jason Laine November 10, 2019
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the freely dangling portion of one's scrotal assembly; variation of free ball, free ballin, or tea bagging.
"hey girl, you down with the free-free?"
by J Beleth March 10, 2006
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Any time of the night, especially past 10 pm. When a consumer would take a specific item but wouldn’t purchase with their own currency, but would rather take it for free.
Buckwin: “Yo IGB, it’s 10 pm, what’s the word wit it”

IGB: “ Nigga we hittin free greens for the Free-Free. I’m on Demon-Time, I’m on Free-Free Time, Fuck is you talkin bout.”
by Sir Carti September 9, 2021
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Something that costs nothing. Free. (Heard this from a former co-worker)
How much did this waffle cost?
Man, it was free ninety free!
by adilux June 11, 2007
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All people are born with God given, inalienable individual rights. Consequently, these rights can not be taken away or given to a person by anyone or anything, including kings, presidents, lawyers, and constitutions.

All people have natural rights. However, they may be infringed upon by governments and other people.

"Free to be free" is a perfect state of nature in which a person is free to practice his/her liberties without the fear of persecution.

Rights include (but are not limited to):
-Self Ownership
-Freedom of Expression
-Freedom of Religion
-Freedom of Assembly
-Freedom to protect one's life (and the lives of loved ones), liberties, and properties
-Pursuit of property
-Right to die by consent of the individual
-Right to privacy
If a person can practice all of his/her rights and they are not in danger from anything or anyone, the person is free to be free.

When two people who are free to be free are in a state of conflict that involved life, liberty, or property, they are no longer free to be free because their innate rights are threatened.
by Freetobefree August 14, 2010
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